Team Foundation

Our Background

Our team has a strong background in the nonprofit world. We are built by nonprofit professionals, for nonprofit professionals.

Our founder had spent over a decade building custom transaction systems for nonprofits and higher education clients. With over $130,000,000 processed through his various transaction systems, he leveraged his experience to build a product that addresses shortfalls found in other systems on the market as well as those that can be found in fully custom built solutions.

Founding Principles

Custom Donations was founded on three principles

  1. Lower the barrier to give

    We don't want donors abandoning your forms because they are too long. We also don't believe that you should be locked into a giving form template that requires you to ask specific information. Have many fields to collect personal data... or have none. The choice is yours.

    Even for extremely streamlined forms that don't collect personal data, you can embed donor ID numbers and preselect giving amounts (for pledge fulfillment or renewal), giving donors an easy way to give while allowing you to know exactly who gave.

  2. Empower Your Giving Team

    We want your team to have the flexibilty to launch new forms with ease and that are customized to match your current giving campaigns. Gone are the days of you having one static giving form. Launch a new form in minutes and without the help of IT.

    Current clients have leveraged our platform to experiment in text message appeals, custom email appeals, in-person payments, and being the processor for their call center. The flexibility of our system allows you to experiment in fundraising while retaining just one system, one processor, and one data reconciliation path.

    Why should your call center, your website, your swipe machine, and your text message campaigns all use different payment processors charging different rates and burdening your team with more data syncs? Let us help you simplify operations!

  3. Simplify Data Reconciliation

    We know the difficulties of reconciling data from your giving forms and your transaction processor and then syncing that data back into your CRM. That's why we removed a step.

    The data you collect on your forms are pushed into the transaction processor (Stripe) and are available when you download your transactions. Simple.

    Leverage Stripe's powerful APIs to get information on transactions and payouts. If you need anything out of our system, we have APIs too! Our goal, though, is to minimize the amount of data syncing you need to do.