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Accept online donations easily, securely, and with no up-front or monthly costs.

We provide customized, embeddable, mobile-friendly donation forms that integrate with your current website.

No Setup Cost

You can get setup on your own and start accepting donations today. There are no setup fees. Our system is so simple, you can be up and running in under an hour.

No Contracts with Basic Account

Basic Accounts can use the service when they want and stop when they want. We're hassle free. For our larger customers, our yearly contracts will vastly reduce costs by reducing our service fees to 0%.

Low Fees

We charge a flat 1.2% service fee for each transaction. Higher volume customers ($250k+ per year) can pay a yearly fee to replace our transaction fees.

With our option for donors to cover fees, our clients are paying an average of 1.25% per transaction INCLUDING credit card fees!

No Nasty Forms

We've heard it all when it comes to online donation forms. Normally, it's that they are too long. That's where we come in.

Our forms are so short, you can make a donation in about 30 seconds. You, however, can add any field you want to your giving forms, making them as short, or as long, as you want.


Need a new giving form? Make one... simply! You can create a new, custom giving form and have it online in under 10 minutes.

No more going through some curmudgeon IT person to get a new giving form or having someone tell you "we can't do that." You have total control now!


YOU determine how much they can give. YOU determine what information you collect. YOU determine where gifts can be directed.

Everything on our forms is customizable. Make dedicated giving pages, or just have one giving page to load any number of giving forms. That's right. One giving page can show multiple forms.

Solutions for Common Giving Problems

Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection

Through Stripe payments, you have access to advanced fraud protection tools. Radar is their suite of modern tools to help you fight fraud. It’s fully integrated into your payments flow and you can start using it without any additional development time.


Recurring Payments

Automated Recurring Donations Notifications

Recurring payments are an important part of fundraising, but if mismanaged, they can lead to serious headaches for you and your team.

Our automation removes the burdens of many of the common problems we've seen with recurring payments. Spend more time on your mission and less time managing recurring gifts that are no longer processing (but should be).

Read More

How We're Different

Donation Form Integration

Custom Donations

We want you to have unlimited, customizable forms that embed directly and seamlessly into your existing website. We remove the shortfalls of the other systems (primarily that it is hard to get new forms or to get a form that asks what you need it to ask) and give you what you need - an affordable, flexible way to securely accept online donations. Compare

Enterprise Services


One unique feature we offer is the way your organization can integrate with your affiliates. Enterprise accounts pay a yearly fee that offers two benefits: it removes our service fees and allows you to onboard your affiliate organizations, chapters, or clubs. This means they have their own account and pay no fees to us. It also means you can track donations to your affiliates! Read More

How It Works

Custom Donations has a simple onboarding process.

  1. Sign up with us
  2. Sign up with Stripe Stripe is the credit card processor.
  3. Build a donation form Our drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to build fully custom forms based on your own form fields and needs. Editing a Giving Form
  4. Place our embed code in your site You can embed the code on individual giving pages, or just once and call up specific giving forms with special links.
  5. Immediately start accepting online donations! Responsive screen shots of our giving forms in a website


Simple. Transparent.

Pro Non-Profits w/ $250k+ in gifts per year


per transaction


yearly fee

  • Giving Formsunlimited

  • Directed Giving Allocationsunlimited

  • Number of Transactionsunlimited

  • Affiliate Organizations0

  • DetailsFor non-profits who process over $250,000 in online gifts per year. The most economical plan for higher-volume organizations since you just pay one fee and have zero transactional fees.

    Yearly contract. 0%* service fees.

Basic any non-profit


per transaction


yearly fee

  • Giving Formsunlimited

  • Directed Giving Allocationsunlimited

  • Number of Transactionsunlimited

  • Affiliate Organizations0

  • DetailsThe simplest plan. Anyone can use this plan, but it's best for non-profits who receive less than $250,000 in online gifts per year, as there are zero up-front fees.

    No yearly fees. No contracts.
    Just a 1.2%* service fee per transaction

Enterprise Non-Profits w/ Affiliate organizations


per transaction


yearly fee

  • Giving Formsunlimited

  • Directed Giving Allocationsunlimited

  • Number of Transactionsunlimited

  • Affiliate Organizations4

  • DetailsPerfect if you have affiliates / sub-organizations. Affiliates onboard through your account. You determine if they pay any fees and any fees are paid to YOU. Users can optionally donate to you when making a gift on the affiliate giving form.

    Yearly contract. 0%* service fees.
    Additional affiliates are $650/year. Contact us for bulk pricing.

Price vs Competitors

Below you'll see how much you'll pay on various platforms.
$100k = 1,000 x $100 gifts.
$1M = 10,000 x $100 gifts

Service Total Fees Fees on $100 Fees on $100k Fees on $1M
7.8% + $0.30
4.9% service fee + 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing
$8.10 $8,100 $81,000
7.9% + $0.30
5% service fee + 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing
$8.20 $8,200 $82,000
Custom Donations*
varies by plan
2.9% or 4.1% + $0.30
0% or 1.2% service fee + 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing
Basic Account
Basic Account
Pro Account
  • Fundly
    You'll pay $8,100 on $100k
    and $81,000 on $1M.

    Total fees: 7.8% + $0.30. 4.9% service fee + 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing

  • GoFundMe
    You'll pay $8,200 on $100k
    and $82,000 on $1M.

    Total fees: 7.9% + $0.30. 5% service fee + 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing

  • Custom Donations*
    You'll pay $4,400 on $100k
    and $32,000 on $1M.

    Total fees: 2.9% or 4.1% + $0.300% or 1.2% service fee + 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing

Why are our fees so low? We come from the non-profit world and we know how much those transaction fees matter. We priced our product to get you the most from each donation. We even provide an option to let your generous donors cover all the processing fees. Our pricing caters to both small and large non-profits.

*Our prices above reflect regular credit card processing fees with Stripe (2.9% + $.30), though non-profits may be eligible for reduced fees -- please contact for more information.

*all plans must pay the Stripe credit card processing fees. These are not our fees. They are credit card fees and you will pay them (or more) on any system. see Stripe fees above.

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The demo site represents a fictional university alumni organization using our product.

Their site. Our form.

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