Integrating with NationBuilder

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We've made it super simple to integrate Custom Donations with NationBuilder. This allows you to automatically sync donor data and donations into your NationBuilder community, all in real-time.

You can be fully integrated in just a few steps:

Add the Integration
Click on the NationBuilder logo in the Integrations section of your Custom Donations Account tab.

Enter Your Community Name
Enter your NationBuilder Community name in the space provided.

Authorize the Integration
Allow Custom Donations to sync with NationBuilder and you're all set!

Collecting Donor Data

By default, Custom Donations will install two Form Blocks to be used on your forms: "Donor Name" and "Contact Information." Form Blocks are used to collect information from your donors when they make a transaction.

While you can create any Form Block you like, the two default form blocks collect the information to be synced to NationBuilder. You can easily edit these Form Blocks if you wish to make them required.

Form Blocks User Interface

To add these Form Blocks to your site, simply create a new form and drag and drop the blocks into the form.

Dragging and dropping form fields into the form

Then update your form and you are done! Custom Donations will automatically sync the following fields if they are filled out by the donor: First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, State, Postal Code, Country, Phone Number, and Email Address.

Tracking Donations

Following a successful donation, Custom Donations will insert or update the donor's data into NationBuilder and then attach a donation to their profile.

You can implement NationBuilder Tracking Codes by using the trackingId URL parameter.

For example, the following web page has a donation form:

To track donations, add the trackingId URL parameter:

Tracked donations will now display like this:

Image showing a tracked donation using a trackingId