How It Works

Enable your integration with a few clicks

  1. Add the Integration Click on the NationBuilder logo in the Integrations section of your Account tab Add the Integration
  2. Enter Your NationBuilder community name Enter Community Name
  3. Authorize Our App That was the final step. The integration is complete!

Syncing Data

Donor Data

How to collect donor data

By default, Custom Donations will install two Form Blocks to be used on your forms: Donor Name and Contact Information. Form blocks are used to collect information from your donors when they make a transaction.

While you can create any form block you like, the two default form blocks are the ones that collect information to be synced to NationBuilder.

Form Blocks

Use these two form blocks in any giving/membership form to collect donor name and contact information that will be synced into NationBuilder. You can easily edit these form blocks if you'd like to make the fields "required", as by default they are not.

Add the Form Blocks to your form:

Add the Form Blocks to Your Form

And that is it!

We will automatically sync the following information if it is filled out by the donor:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Email


What we sync

Following a successful donation, we'll either insert or update that donor data into NationBuilder and then we attach a donation to their profile.

If you handle Memberships, you can use our Allocations to manage membership purchases. Selecting what we should sync as a Membership into NationBuilder is done on a per-Allocation basis.

You can implement NationBuilder Tracking Codes by using the trackingId URL parameter.

For example, if you have the following web page with a donation form:

You can add a Tracking Code by adding the trackingId URL parameter:

Here is how it will show up in your donations:
Tracking Code


It's very easy to setup Memberships in our system to sync over to NationBuilder. Through our Allocations section of Giving Forms, you can setup direct giving areas with either fixed amounts or a range of amounts that the donor must give to purchase that allocation/membership.

After you sync your NationBuilder account, there will be an option for each Allocation to determine if we will sync that over to NationBuilder as a Membership. You can also set the length of time for which the Membership is valid. Easy!

If the Allocation name in our system matches an existing Membership level in NationBuilder, we can update a membership status for your donor.

If the Allocation name doesn't match an existing Membership level in NationBuilder, we will insert it as a new level.

Syncing Allocations to NationBuilder

What's Next

We are already working on an enhanced data integration. Will be launched no later than Q3 2018

Custom Data Fields

Map any form block field to a field within NationBuilder. This allows you to collect more than just donor name and default contact info.


Memberships created in Custom Donations will be added/updated within NationBuilder

UPDATE: This feature was launched in June 2018, ahead of schedule!

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