We’re excited to announce that Chariot’s 3-click Donor Advised Fund (DAF) donation solution is now a payment option on our donation forms. 

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The Chariot DAF donation feature allows a donor to make a donation from their DAF with 3 clicks in 10 seconds, directly through your existing giving forms. 

Without Chariot, a donor has to navigate away from your website or fundraising platform to use their DAF, in a process that takes 15 clicks over 3 minutes and leaves your organization in the dark until the wire or check shows up days or weeks later.

DAF gifts are much larger than the average online cash donation of $204  - The average DAF gift in 2022 was 24x that at $4,798! That’s why it’s so critical for nonprofits to provide an optimized digital giving experience for the 2M+ people in the US with DAF accounts.

The best way to get more DAF donors and donations is to promote DAF giving as an option and make the process as easy as possible. 

That’s why Custom Donations is partnering with Chariot to set every customer up for successful DAF fundraising, automatically advertising DAFs as a payment option and creating a seamless, integrated experience for DAF donors and staff alike. 

About Chariot     

There’s $234B sitting in Donor Advised Funds and your organization deserves more of it. Chariot enables 3-click DAF donations directly on your website so you can acquire & retain more DAF donors while saving hours of staff time. ~40% of DAF donors give with a credit card on your website first - with Chariot you’ll get more of them to give from their DAF so you know who they are, get larger gifts, and better steward those relationships. 

Chariot improves giving from every DAF provider and is directly integrated with fundraising platforms serving over 20,000 nonprofit organizations. You can set up Chariot on your website in minutes, then start accepting DAF gifts and thanking those donors immediately. 

About Custom Donations

Custom Donations provides customizable, embeddable, mobile-friendly donation forms that integrate with any nonprofit’s website. Custom Donations works with all types of nonprofits, including some of the largest organizations in Higher Education, to enable online donations easily, securely, and with modern payments methods like digital wallets and cryptocurrency. Custom Donations offers a flexible way to securely accept online donations with innovative and streamlined donation flows that can be personalized for every donor. You can reach out to info@customdonations.com to learn more.